Simon Zimmer, Executive Director, Aguayuda
We at Aguayuda had our first event with Networking for Good at Paolo’s Ristorante in Reston, Virginia. It was a wonderful success. Thanks to Networking for Good’s unique events, this evening provided the attendance with an opportunity to meet new people while supporting a worthy charity. The event was a big success because Networking for Good organized everything including generous sponsors, a suitable venue, delicious food, free massages, prizes, and a sound system. Through their publicity via social media channels and supporters, the event was well visited by professionals with interest in philanthropy. Thank you Networking for Good for a super networking event!

Sarah Miller, Founder and President of We Believe Foundation
I had the pleasure of working with IMPACT Marketing and Events to produce an unprecedented event. A Night of Pink Hope combined art, fashion and awareness on such a personal level that those who attended his collaboration found themselves profoundly affected and in turn committed themselves to our foundation in significant ways.

Bruna Carincotte, Ritz Carlton
Eddie is an extraordinary professional, very dedicated and committed to each detail; he transforms every event that he conducts, in a huge success. I have participated on Networking for Good events, which is Eddie’s creation and his efforts and passion for this innovative event model has brought success for non-profit organizations and its professionals.

Charlotte Gambill – Author, Speaker and Pastor
That’s what this ministry does, it doesn’t just give them what they think they deserve or what they would expect it gives them way beyond what they expect…. So keep doing what your doing, it’s amazing.

Jerri Woods- WGTS 91.9 FM Promotion Director and Morning Show Host
I think the homeless in the DC community and really all across the country are an overlooked community, and Jesus was here and he didn’t say there was any difference between how much money you had, there was no class to him, he hung out with people who he would normally hang out with, and I think this is what Jesus would be doing, That’s why I’m so excited about this, this takes the focus and goes – here are people that have been overlooked but they are precious to Jesus, you are a VIP and you matter and that’s where they’re at right now.

Blanca Vega – WGTS 91.9 FM Morning Show Host
As a mother of three I know what it is like to have someone love on your child, when you come to a parent right here in your community to come and say I care, I want to do something to help you to improve the quality of your life right here and right now, there’s nothing better than that and then you take that a step further and do that around to world with the kids in Zambia, you have my heart you have my support and I am so happy to be apart of it.

Patti Brown – Assistant Director/Employment Counselor at The Lamb Center
We are just so grateful at the Lamb Center for Splendor because you sought us out and you saw what we do and trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus for people who are hurting and who the world has given up on and you treated them to a night that they will never forget and you treated them like royalty, and our guests know when they are treated sincerely and with love and they can sense that right away with Splendor, we just are very grateful.

Dave Larrabee – Director of Operations at The Lamb Center
We’re really grateful for the Meant 2 Live Foundation and Eddie for all he’s doing, a lot of our guests who are going today for the Michael w. Smith and Amy Grant concert are really excited. It’s a chance they they don’t get, I mean this is a completely different world for them, to be able to go to this concert is just a wonderful blessing for them.

Carol Auxier – Promoter of DC Concert Productions
Eddie has a huge heart for the people that are underprivileged and it is my honor to be apart of his organization and Splendor.

OZ Project

Christine Shehata Fritsch
Meant to Live is an incredible organization that is really committed to making a difference in children’s lives in Zambia. Throughout the past year or so, I’ve greatly enjoyed learning about the child I sponsor and always look forward to any pictures or letters she sends me. It’s wonderful having that international pen pal to share stories, experiences and inspiring messages with. Thanks M2L!

Peter Mansour
Had a great experience with the M2L foundation. Been a donor for most of 2015 and have received a few sets of letters/pictures from the kids, a visit from the founder, and an invite to Zambia for a service trip. Everybody on the team is passionate about serving the kids in Zambia and are constantly looking at ways to improve their service on the ground. The team is also very easily contactable and usually gets back to me within an hour of sending them an email. Highly recommend supporting this foundation!

Mark Mattar
M2L is doing a great job helping out the kids in Zambia along with branching out with these amazing Splendor pop-up events with those in need! Thank you for what you do!

Helen Yi
We had a wonderful time serving the homeless with Meant to Live Foundation. You guys are doing great work and proud to be a partner. May God continue to bless you.

Julie Vient
Excited to be a part of the planning for the upcoming year with M2L – a lot if exciting things happening!

Paige Shahryary
Meant 2 Live changes lives, not only for the orphans in Zambia but the people who volunteer. It is truly an amazing organization!

Meghan Murray
Meant 2 Live is an organization that is truly making a difference in peoples lives! Meant 2 Live is constantly finding new and innovative ways to spread the word about the incredible work that they do!

Mckenna Underwood
Meant 2 Live is a life changing experience for every one involved. From the owner, volunteers, orphans, and the homeless, M2L Foundation touches lives. I eagerly await the next events to see how M2L will makes an Impact on the D.C. and global community.

Lindsay Whitney
Meant 2 Live foundation is a fantastic organization formed to give back and help children in Zambia. Each and every one of us can make in IMPACT and Meant to Live Foundation has set out to prove that in each child they’ve reached lives.

Hallie Sampson
Such an inspiring organization supporting an amazing cause

Jill King
This is a wonderful organization that is passionate about reaching out and helping children in need. We all can do more to help out people who truly need it.

Bella Ibrahim
Meant2live is an amazing organization that has carefully and efficiency used the resources around them to show love to Africa, and in doing so started a massive movement for people here in the US and all over the world to go see for themselves how they can love Africa.

Marie Gardiner
Meant 2 Live Foundation is an amazing organization that is truly passionate about what it does and who it benefits. I’m so thankful that I get to work side by side with Eddie and do all I can to benefit the organization

Neelo Silkroads
Meant 2 Live is a phenomenal non-profit organization. Eddie Fam really puts his heart and soul into these events to ensure the children in Zambia are cared for It takes one small step to make a huge IMPACT

Bonnie Ross
M2L is a fantastic foundation which promotes social responsibility by encouraging individuals and organizations to give back by donating their time, skills and resources in an effort to increase the quality of lives of impoverished youth in DC and Zambia.

Neekola Gallub
I really support Meant 2 Live. They are making the world a better place by giving back and helping those in need.

Ciera Gallub
Meant 2 Live really cares about the children in Zambia, genuinely working their hardest to make the lives of those kids better!

Amber Grittith
Love this foundation! So inspirational to see how much of an impact they have on the community in Africa. Look forward to working with these wonderful men and women

Francis Aguisanda
Having an amazing time hearing the things that Meant to Live is doing! Fantastic organization!

Kim Posthumus
Great to see what M2L is doing, so glad to be involved!

Kristen Dalton
LOVE M2L! It’s amazing the impact they are making in children’s lives

Danielle Wyant
Meant 2 Live Foundation is amazing, they support a great cause!

Ana Orellana Tellez
Great event! Thank you for supporting Devotion To Children.

Steven J. Saucedo
Love this foundation!

Kimberly Awad
A beautiful movement!

Sandra Samir
Very Inspiring!

Doug Sandler
Get involved!

Debbie Vongphakdy
Great people, great cause!

Danielle Crook
Meant 2 Live Foundation is amazing, they support a great cause!

Anna Irellana Tellez
Great event! Thank you for supporting Devotion To Children.