Host an Event

M2L believes that hosting a special event is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness and connect potential donors to be engaged with our local and global communities. Events serve as an effective platform to highlight the needs of our beneficiaries as well as provide opportunities for individuals to fulfill their social responsibility. This can make a significant difference on those who we serve.

Here are 3 possible ways for you to host an event to support M2L:

Networking for Good
Bring Networking for Good to your city to help end hunger and poverty around the world! N4G is a series of networking events that benefit both the business and non-profit organizations that are partnered with M2L. A different kind of professional networking, we’ve taken a whole new approach to making business connections. When you attend N4G, business professionals make excellent contacts while supporting global causes. Non-profits receive media exposure, increased awareness, as well as 100% of ALL event proceeds. N4G creates a buzz, draws crowds while giving back to the community.

Party with a Purpose
Host a social gathering to share about the needs of those living in poverty. People love to eat, drink, and be merry. Why not organize a party while highlighting your passion for helping others and giving your guests the chance to share in that by sponsoring a child or making a one-time donation to one of our programs and projects? You can coordinate a barbeque, karaoke party, 80’s themed event, dessert party, potluck dinner, campus event, concert, fashion show, or create your own idea.

Celebration of Life
A birthday party is a celebration of life, another blessing and gift to live another day. Coordinate a birthday party for yourself, a friend, a child or significant other in the name of the poorest of the poor. In lieu of gifts, you may request that donations be made to Meant to Live Foundation.

To learn more and get started, please contact us here.

Host an Event