Mission and Vision

Working with both local and international non-profit organizations, Meant 2 Live Foundation improves the quality of life for youth through education, mentorship, food programs, musical inspiration, and spiritual nourishment. Currently focusing on Washington DC, Virginia, and Zambia, M2L believes members of society can fulfill their social responsibility by sharing their time, talents, and resources to impact impoverished communities worldwide. Through our Splendor ministry, M2L utilizes the universal power of music to restore hope to underprivileged communities by providing a VIP experience to those in the greatest need of encouragement.

Meant 2 Live Foundation is driven by the belief that we are all meant to live a meaningful life of purpose, and that everyone deserves a chance to live the life they want. It is in that spirit that we support and fund educational, medical, culinary, musical, and spiritual development programs that seek to empower impoverished lives around the world.

Our vision is to see the global community lifted up, encouraged and completely transformed by the grace of God.  Meant 2 Live Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for those who might not otherwise get a chance to live a different life.