Serve in Medical Mission

Through Medical Missions, Meant to Live Foundation is providing The Coptic Mission Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia with critically-needed medical volunteer personnel. With more than 10,000 HIV/AIDS patients currently in the Hope Center for Infectious Diseases and nearly 375 in the outpatient unit daily, there is a great need for missionaries to come and serve with their time, passion, and expertise.

M2L connects physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical personnel to short-term service in this hospital. We provide placement and logistical support for our volunteers to bring physical restoration through quality and compassionate medical care.

Medical missionaries will assist by taking medical history, checking vitals, providing check-ups, giving vaccinations, and admitting patients. The specialties needed include general medicine, pediatric, OBGYN, surgery, orthopedic, oncology, urology, and radiology.

Help the medical staff in treating the ever-growing number of patients in The Coptic Mission Hospital which has been recognized in the Top 2 facilities in all of Lusaka. Medical Missions program is a great opportunity to gain first hand medical experience in a third world country. Healthcare volunteers must be in the medical field, be EMT trained, and must provide credentials.

“The Coptic Mission Hospital is clearly one of the best facilities in Zambia; your HIV/AIDS program is an outstanding example of excellence in clinical care. Our team found your commitment to patient care inspiring, and we applaud your efforts to continue to provide access to high quality care with limited resources. Thank you for your dedication to improving the health and wellbeing of people in Zambia. I look forward to following your continued success.” – Bill Gates

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