Volunteer in Zambia

A great way to contribute to M2L’s program is by giving your time and talent through volunteerism. We are looking for those who have an open mind and heart to serve those less fortunate than ourselves both locally or abroad.

If you are interested in volunteering to help the Orphans of Zambia through the school, hospital, and the church, please consider the following opportunities:

Administrative: Recording policies and procedures, organizing student records

Book keeping: Teach staff on how to use Quick Books and Quicken to manage the books

Camp counseling: Coach sports and teach Vacation Bible School during school holidays

Handyman maintenance: Electrical and plumbing of the facilities

Interior design: Beautification of schools: posters, paintings, murals, furniture, and layout

Landscaping: Plant gardens for student exploration and improving the environment

Leadership training: Team building, time management, work ethics, and communication

Life skills training: Sewing, knitting, carpentry

Medical Missions: Doctors, Nurses, Dentists performing check- ups for the community

MS Office training: Educate our school staff on how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint

School counseling: Train staff to act as counselors for students and families

Strategic planning: Long-term planning for sustainability

Tutoring: Reading, writing and Math  1st-7th grade as needed

For more information, please contact us here.