Events in Zambia

March ~ Children’s Broadcasting Day
Children are allowed to do all the broadcasts on T.V and Radio including reading the main news and all the activities taking place.

March ~ Youth Day
All schools and youths go marching by the freedom statue to commemorate their independence. It symbolizes the freedom of Zambia. The Ministry of Education president makes a speech to the youth addressing challenges they are facing and youth’s importance in society.

May ~Africa Freedom Day
Children celebrate their country’s independence by presenting poems and activities, performing dramas and re-enact the freedom their forefathers received on Oct. 24. 1964. This event is conducted in each school and some school celebrate together.

June ~Day of an African Child
This day is dedicated to the remembrance of those children who were massacred in South Africa while fighting for their education rights.

July ~ Heroes and Unity Days
Children from each school gather at the state house where they learn more about how they received their freedom and what each hero’s role was in the act of independence. The heroes that fought for independence are given awards by the president.

October ~Independence Day
Each school has to participate and heroes are again awarded. Those who got killed during the struggle of independence are remembered. Stories are told by the surviving heroes.

December 25 ~ Christmas Day Outing
A special fun day is organized for our children every Christmas. This day consists of game stations, drama and a songs program, a Christmas meal and gift that is often donated to us by World Vision.