Orphans Recieve TOMS Shoes!

Imagine walking through streets filled with broken beer bottles, human waste and mud after a heavy storm. Now imagine the pain of walking through those streets with no shoes on every day of your life. For many children in Africa, this is their reality. Without shoes, children in impoverished communities stop going to school to avoid the ground which most people take for granted everyday.
Thankfully, organizations like TOMS and World Vision are doing their part in providing shoes for children in need. For every TOMS shoe sold, a pair is donated. Last year, M2L Foundation had the special opportunity to witness this first hard. Along with TOMS, World Vision donated a pair of brand new shoes to every child that attends our school and church in the communities we serve.
Just one pair of shoes will bring a child back to school so that they can live a happy and more fulfilling life. So next time you find yourself shopping for new shoes, remember that you can give to the gift of opportunity, education and so much more to an orphan in Zambia.