Congratulations Alumni!

By, Jessie Manzer Earlier this year, our school celebrated students who completed the ninth grade with light refreshments and praise. We are extremely delighted and proud of the accomplishments of these bright students. Donors and former missionaries even took part in the celebration via Facetime.

Laston’s Story

It is 2011, my first time on Zambian soil, and every day I see the same beautiful kids spend hour after hour within the church grounds. There are two, who even now, are never apart, who love each other with the enduring love of brothers. One day we sit close in a circle, read over […]

M2L Launches New Playground for Orphans!

Meant 2 Live Foundation has big plans for 2018! We are seeking to raise funds for a new integrated co-teaching classroom, renovations, agriculture, outdoor cafeteria expansion, and ground work. All of these new projects will benefit schools for orphan children in Zambia! So far, we have been able to reach one goal already – a playground for our orphans in Zambia! M2L graciously […]

Congrats to Our Graduates!

We are so proud to announce the graduation of our 7th grade class! Due to the support of all of our sponsors we are able to provide books, school uniforms, lunches, and most importantly a quality education for those who attend our school in Zambia. A total of 39% of children do not complete primary school In […]

Career Day in Zambia

Check out our school in Zambia’s latest event: Career Day! We asked our students to come to school dressed like what they wanted to be when they grow up and what a great job they did! We had nurses, doctors, teachers and even priests! From the pictures, you can really see how every student embodied […]

Bread Brings Education, Health and Hope

Bread Brings Education, Health and Hope By, Jessie Manzer on July 5, 2016 “Chawama is Yawama!” shout a group of children outside World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Lusaka, Zambia. Inside, bakers are preparing their daily fresh bread. Aside from their deliciously baked bread, Chawana bakery offers much more. It helps provide children with education and […]

The Real Mission

The Real Mission By Peter Mansour In Galilee of the Gentiles. The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined. (Isaiah 9:1-2) Recently, a friend and I took 2 weeks off work to go on a […]

A Day To Remember: Africa Freedom Day

A Day to Remember: Africa Freedom Day In honor of May 25th known as Africa Freedom Day, students are adorned in traditional African dress and perform a delightful play at school that features various cultural music and dances. The highly symbolic colors of green, red, black and orange are displayed in the clothes and on […]

Easter in Zambia

It takes courage to act. The Easter play performed by St. Abanoub students simply blew us away. We discovered some hidden talents in many of our children, in particular William, a quiet shy boy, who boldly took on the role of the main character – Jesus. The students were very resourceful. They used anything and […]